Saying Yes To Your Dreams

2020 UPDATE – 5 years ago I decided to say yes! That yes has changed the way our whole family will live for the rest of our lives! Yes, we had weight to lose, the weight that we have now kept off for over 4.5 years. Yes, we were eating horribly and not taking care of ourselves and it showed. When I said yes I was ready for a life change! I wanted to have more energy, sleep better, lose the weight, and honestly just feel good about myself and my husband was the same way! 

I had watched for 8 months so I knew the products would do what we were wanting it to do, what I didn’t know was that sharing with our friends would create something so big! I mean I was already sharing everything else I loved with them like restaurants I liked, movies we had watched, why would this be any different? 

What happened next was incredible and yes changed our lives, as cheesy as that sounds! I shared this amazing health program with my friends, they in turn shared with their friends and before you knew we had created a whole group of people who were ready to get healthy and help their friends do the same. 

In 5 short years we have created a group of thousands of women who have not only changed their heath, they are now also able to work from home, go to every sporting event and school function, live life on their terms because we get to do this from anywhere. That is the beauty of this, you can do this from your phone, how cool is that. On top of that we get paid daily! Imagine getting paid while you sleep, while you are on vacation, and while you just go about your daily life! Now don’t get me wrong, you do have to do your part and work hard, but the work is so satisfying and worth it! Imagine being your own boss and getting paid what you are worth! 

So fast forward to 5 years and we are almost to $4 Million dollars earned personally (full company income summary). To have come from a place of selling clothes out of my closet to get the money to buy a kit because I knew I needed to make a change, to only 5 years later living a life most only dream about? All because of a simple YES……If your goal is $500 a month, we can help you do that. If your goal is getting your products paid for we can do that too! If you have bigger goals like I did, the sky is the limit. All we need is for you to say yes too!

Where Team Grit Started – January 2019 – You see those people on social media talking about how these products or this company “changed my life”? Yeah, I used to roll my eyes at them too. Until I thought what if there is some truth to that? What if my being skeptical is holding me back from something that really could be “life-changing?” 

Turns out it was. I went from rolling my eyes, to taking a chance, to making over $2 Million dollars in just around 3 years. The first million being made in 27 months.

So you see, even skeptics can end up proving themselves wrong. Let me tell you my story.

I am a stay at home mama with 3 kids and I am married to a cowboy. We live in Texas in the middle of nowhere. I owned a retail store for over 15 years, we shipped stuff every day all over the US & Canada. I had also started 3 wholesale companies where we sold to stores, we had a big following, and from the outside looking in, it looked like my family was living a big life. But the truth was we were struggling just to stay afloat.

Anyone who has ever owned their own business knows that they are always the last to get paid, and that’s if there is any money left at the end of the month. That was us, everyone got paid before we did, and we were going on month 4 of no pay. That’s when my skepticism was overcome by curiosity! Could this work? Could I do something with this opportunity? The answer was YES!!! 

I turned my health story and my husband’s health story into our testimonies! How we felt better than ever before, how we had so much energy, how Levi lost 30 lbs in 30 days, how we never wanted to go back to feeling as bad as we were before we started this health program. And guess what?? People responded!

You see everyone is looking for something! Wellness, weight loss, energy, everyone wants to be the very best version of themselves! We were just helping people find that! 

So my passion for helping others feel better, look better and share their story with their own friends turned into a business that pays us every day, has sent us on so many trips all around the world all expenses paid and has allowed us to build the cattle ranch and life we always wanted! No 9-5 job, even when I was the owner, was ever going to do that, THIS DID! 

My goal in life is to help as many people get healthy, live their very best life, and find out what its like to not have to worry about having enough money to pay their bills, to be able to live their life financially free. If this is you, we would love to talk and show you how you too could “change your life.

-Ursula Myers