Weighted Down by #220

I’m going to take this opportunity to speak some truth.

I know that there are probably many of you out there who are skeptical, who are mom’s that can’t bring yourself to invest in you! Well, hopefully this will inspire some of you reading this and offer hope and help to others. Truthfully, I don’t sell anything and it truly isn’t about the money. It’s all about helping others!

220…220 is a hard number for me to type! It is a scary number as it was the number that I logged on the scale the day I decided to change my life. This is the number that signifies my breaking point. The number that I had never seen. Even when I was 9 months pregnant. The number that hid a mother and wife that was slowly slipping away from her family. The number that had sapped the energy and enthusiasm from me. It is a number that I’ve vowed to NEVER see again!

In those first 8 days, my life was changed! That number slipped away and the wife and mother underneath resurfaced and found her zest again. I’m not going to lie…this journey hasn’t always been easy. There have been times when I’ve found myself slipping back into old habits, but that haunting number is always in the back of my mind and has pushed me onward. I’ve met some wonderful people and got to witness some amazing life changes in others, I’d like to believe that I’ve become the girl again that my husband first fell in love with and the mom that my amazing kids deserve.

I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’ve learned to enjoy the ride and be happy with every day! I mean losing 38 lbs in 2-1/2 months and keeping it off for almost 5 years is no small feat.  Being able to incorporate this system simply in to my daily life, no matter how busy it can be (i.e. cold hockey rinks and road trips in the winter to hot summer days camping and boating) is worth the world to me! It is not about being perfect, it is about being there for yourself and having a little accountability. Finding my happy again and being the wife and mother my family deserves is worth the world to me.

Above all else, that is all I ever dreamed for…to be there for my husband and kids. To be available as my mom was for me. To be able to have fun and do what we like, when we like. Life is to short to be stuck doing something we don’t love! This company has given me that freedom. Within a year of starting my journey, I was able to quit my day job and be a STAY AT HOME MOM!!! Never in my wildest dreams had I ever believed that was possible. My kids and husband love that I’m not tied to a desk. That I can do this biz and help others from anywhere at anytime. 
That truly is the most fulfilling part of this whole journey….to help others grow, succeed and become the people they’ve always wanted to be. 

If you stuck with me through this post, I just want to say thanks. It’s tough to put yourself out there but my hope is maybe I’ll inspire someone else.

Love, Carmen Nolin