How Did I Even Get That Big?

September 2020 Update – How did I even get that big!? I woke up one day feeling older than my years and not recognizing the woman I saw in the mirror. I’m pretty smart most days, definitely not lazy, so how did this happen? It sneaks up on you!

You get busy living life and taking care of everyone and everything around you and forget about YOU! It was time to put some effort into me and invest in my health and happiness. Because I took that first step I’m down 55lbs and have maintained that 3 years now!

It’s made me a better mom, wife, friend, and daughter! It has improved not only my self-worth and self-esteem but the quality of every relationship I have! Let me ask you, what would you gain, what aspects of your life would improve if you took a little time and made an investment in YOU? 

I was only looking for weight loss, didn’t want to share, did NOT want to hear about the “business”. But the products actually worked! How could I not share that with people?! Sharing with friends and family has allowed me to replace my full time income as a hairdresser and now stay home with my daughter!!

I get to help others look and feel amazing and earn an amazing income doing so!! I’ve also been able to take several earned vacations, the most recent to Panamá for a week with my husband, and the company picked up the tab after I worked to earn this trip!! 

What more could you ask for?

– Tatum
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Wedding Day Weight Loss – January 2019 – I got married y’all! In March 2018 I married the love of my life, but you know what was amazing about that day? Besides marrying my best friend?

I fit in my dress.

I’m happy when I look at pictures from that day instead of feeling disgusted or disappointed that I didn’t lose just 10 more pounds or suck it in just a little bit more. 

I enjoyed my day.

I can look back at the pictures without being self-conscious of how I looked in my dress, or worried a photo caught me at a bad angle.

I’m not frantically watching Facebook to remove a tag of me that someone else has posted from that day that has me looking like a blob in my dress!

I’m happy in every picture and even more, I’m happy WITH Every. Single. Picture!

When’s the last time you were happy with a picture you saw of yourself? I lost 55lbs in 4 1/2 months AND I’ve kept it off for over a year and a half!

I’m off 3 prescription medications too (one for sleep, one for anxiety and one for pain). I know what you’re thinking, “That’s awesome, but I doubt it’ll work for me.”

Those were my exact same my thoughts.
But you know what? I was sick and tired of literally being sick and tired ALL THE TIME! I didn’t even feel like “me” anymore. The person I wanted to be wasn’t the one I saw in the mirror anymore.

But then Team Grit came along and I decided I was worth one more shot. You are too!

-Tatum Mellott