Wedding Day Weight Loss

I got married y’all! In March 2018 I married the love of my life, but you know what was amazing about that day? Besides marrying my best friend?

I fit in my dress.

I’m happy when I look at pictures from that day instead of feeling disgusted or disappointed that I didn’t lose just 10 more pounds or suck it in just a little bit more. 

I enjoyed my day.

I can look back at the pictures without being self-conscious of how I looked in my dress, or worried a photo caught me at a bad angle.

I’m not frantically watching Facebook to remove a tag of me that someone else has posted from that day that has me looking like a blob in my dress!

I’m happy in every picture and even more, I’m happy WITH Every. Single. Picture!

When’s the last time you were happy with a picture you saw of yourself? I lost 55lbs in 4 1/2 months AND I’ve kept it off for over a year and a half!

I’m off 3 prescription medications too (one for sleep, one for anxiety and one for pain). I know what you’re thinking, “That’s awesome, but I doubt it’ll work for me.”

Those were my exact same my thoughts.
But you know what? I was sick and tired of literally being sick and tired ALL THE TIME! I didn’t even feel like “me” anymore. The person I wanted to be wasn’t the one I saw in the mirror anymore.

But then Team Grit came along and I decided I was worth one more shot. You are too!

-Tatum Mellott

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