Supportive Growth

Being able to help my family reach goals we have has always been something I strive for. My husband and I are ranchers in South Dakota with our 3 daughters and absolutely love what we do but I can be stressful.  Ranching has a kind of unpredictable income from year to year and I have been looking for something to supplement our yearly income. To take some of the stress off our shoulders!

Ironically, this business opportunity fell into my lap when I was looking to get healthier. After checking it out I knew what a perfect fit it would be for our super busy lifestyle! Ranching, volleyball, basketball, rodeo, 4-H, and many other activities keep us running and I’m so glad that by working in the nooks and crannies of life we are now able to cross things off our TO DO LIST!

In the 2 years, I have been helping change lives to a healthier lifestyle, we have been able to start remodeling our house, bought our daughters new horses to compete on, and bought more land. When I say a true blessing, I mean it. We are acheiving all things we had hoped to do but would have taken years and years. 

One of my favorite parts of this opportunity is the support from Team Grit. My family always backs me and knows when I’m in, I’m in! And so is Team Grit! Being a part of Team Grit and knowing I have such a huge support system all over the US, Canada, and other countries is so amazing. There is always someone to help you, give advice and just jump in when needed.  Not many companies do this, but this is FAMILY!!!

This program and this company are just too good to keep to ourselves so we love sharing with others. Financial issues can be so incredibly stressful and to help others like I was helped, it’s just paying it forward. When someone calls me and tells me what they were able to do with the income they earned, it can bring me to tears!! Love the team we have and love then how others share and help even more people! I look forward to so much more with this fabulous team/family!!!

The memories, friendships, and support are more than I ever expected and couldn’t imagine life without them. When I  look back at the last 2 years, I have a huge smile, a full heart and a twinkle in my eye for what’s to come.

-Tanya Crago

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