Our X Lifestyle

2020 Update – To say the last year has been crazy is an understatement.  We moved from our home in Southeastern New Mexico to our hometown to put the boys in school where Justin and I went to school.  Our X lifestyle is present in our lives every day, and it makes it so easy to stay healthy, keep the weight I have lost off, and use the opportunity to make all of our dreams come true.  I feel better at 40 than I did at 30….how crazy is that??  Timber and Dawson are 6 and 5 and are so happy to have a mom that can keep up with them and be there for them!  

Although the oil bust did necessarily affect us like many others, it was nice to have the extra income that this opportunity provides.  We said yes to an opportunity, not fully understanding the impact we could make on others and how helping others achieve their health goals and build a business that will richly bless them would in turn bless us immensely.  We were able to pick up and move home for our boys, and be closer to family.  I get to attend all the fun stuff at school with the boys, and be home every afternoon when they get off the bus.  Being a part of this company, has helped me become more confident in myself, my faith, and understand how powerful helping others is!  

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September 2019 – Staying Home – I cannot believe how incredibly blessed we are to have found this company! My husband Justin was drilling water wells in the oilfield, I was teaching, and we were leaving our boy’s, Timber and Dawson, at daycare every day.  

Not at all what we wanted to be doing.

Just by sharing our story we have helped people change their lives in so many ways! At the same time, we have been able to be completely self-employed and watch our boys grow up!  

We not only make money than we ever could have with Justin drilling water wells and me, teaching, but we have been on some amazing trips!

From Sundance and Park City, Utah to the beaches of the Dominican Republic, all the while helping people be their best self! We have big dreams and know that with this company it is absolutely possible!   

-Jill Mullins