Meet Team Grit

These 12 women joined Team Grit and succeeded just like hundreds of others. It changed their lives just like it can change yours. The amazing thing about Team Grit is that we not only help you change your health, but we can also help you learn how to have financial flexibility.

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Ursula Myers

Silver Ambassador
Blog: Saying Yes to Your Dreams

Christi Smith

Lost 50 lbs | Blog:
She said "I love your energy!"

Jessi Jo

Platinum Executive
Blog: Million Dollar Single Mom

Merilan Dovenbarger

Lost 35 lbs | Blog:
It Is Never Too Late

Angie Kuzyk

Lost 75 lbs
Blog: I Kept it a Secret


Lost 55 lbs | Blog:
How Did I Even Get that Big?

Rhonda Rathwell

Lost 17 lbs
Blog: Stuck in a Rut

Tanya Crago

Platinum Executive
Blog: Supportive Growth


Audrey Labelle

Lost 65 lbs
Blog: I Feel Like A New Person

Jill Mullins

Lost 30 lbs | Blog:
Our X Lifestyle

Rhea Rennecke

Lost 60 lbs
Blog: Going All In

Carmen Nolin

Lost 38 lbs | Blog:
Weighted Down by #220

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