Team Grit is made up of hundreds of men and women who were ready to change their health and financials!


These 6 women joined Team Grit and succeeded. It changed their lives just like it can change yours.

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Lost 55 lbs in 4.5 Months
Maintained for 1 year +

Chanda Green

Lost 60 lbs in 7 Months
Maintained for 3 Months

Ashley Evans

Lost 78.5 lbs
Maintained for 9 Months

Rhea Rennecke

Lost 60 lbs in 11 Months
Still Losing!

Christi Smith

Lost 50 lbs
Maintained for 2 Years +

Carmen Nolin

Lost 38 lbs in 2.5 Months
Maintained for 3 Years


The amazing thing about Team Grit is that we not only help you change your health, but we can also help you change your financial situation. Again, these 6 women increased their income substantially by sharing their own story about how our system helped them.  Not only do we get paid daily, we also get to travel the world for free!

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Ursula Myers

Avg. Monthly Income: $103,025

Jill Mullins

Avg. Monthly Income $15,481

Jessi Jo

Platinum Executive
Avg. Monthly Income $67,721

Lesa Arnold

Platinum Director
Avg. Monthly Income $9,560

Tanya Crago

Silver Executive
Avg. Monthly Income $21,286

Joanna Self

Gold Director
Avg. Monthly Income $5,957

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