Losing 60lbs in 7 Months

“No way am I doing that!”, said the girl in my head.  “I will not be vulnerable to another failure.

I was already feeling so defeated, that I was setting myself up for another letdown. Little did I know, that vulnerability is power.

I was 75 lbs overweight and overwhelmed.  I had high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, high triglycerides, and autoimmune arthropathy while watching my friend, Stacey, lose weight and enjoy life.  I was a complete skeptic. But, I decided that I would try one last thing before going under the knife for a weight loss surgery.

I started this system with Team Grit in April and in the first 8 days I dropped 12 lbs.  In the first month, I was down 21 lbs and experiencing some crazy energy. At that point, my husband told me to stop.  He said that, I had changed. Being married only a short time, I was becoming a different person than the one he was used to. People are afraid of change. I was. He was. We all are.

 I went on to lose 60 pounds in less than 7 months.  

I started sleeping through the night, being way more active, dressing different, having a lot less pain and my labs became normal. 

And now, my husband is my biggest fan.

I will say that this was the best investment that I have ever made.  It’s not just the loss of weight, but the life that I have gained. I could not have done this alone.  The system & Team Grit gave me the tools to replace the nutrients that my body was lacking.  It made this journey easy.  With no more cravings, depression or inflammation pain, I am better than I’ve ever been. I am happy, self-confident and wake up every morning with a pep in my step!

I am now on a mission to share how Team Grit has changed not only my life but the life of so many others.  I want everyone that is suffering and skeptical to know that I have found a system that actually works, and I am so thankful for this life saver

-Chanda Green

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