I Feel Like a New Person

I’m a 50-year-old Canadian ?? small town mom of two teenagers and a proud Registered Nurse for 31 years! I was at my heaviest at 210 pounds! Heavier than I was in full-term pregnancy with both kids ?

I was so miserable, so ashamed at how I looked and felt. How did I let myself go like this?? I wasn’t enjoying my life. I was letting it pass me by. I was headed for a disability leave from work and I was so defeated.

Everything I tried just didn’t work. I needed to make an investment in my health!!! I started this program in September of 2017… I have lost 65lbs now down to 145lbs a size 18 to an 8 and I’ve been maintaining it for over two years.

I lost over 60” off my body!! My energy level is the best it’s ever been and I sleep amazingly now. My overall health is 100% better and oh my mood is beyond improved. I’m happy ….finally happy.

This was the best decision I ever made for me and my kids! They finally have the mom I always wanted to be. They would tell you I’m like a different person. I am skeptical about anything and everything in life …. I have had my eyes opened.

This works! It really works! My story has inspired so many of my friends and family to make a change and get healthy. By simply sharing my story I have a great income allowing my family to enjoy things we would have never afforded before and the best part is seeing others have the same success!! Don’t wait take charge of your life you are so worth it ?❤️