Going All-In for a Healthier Life

Before my journey began, my days and nights were pretty miserable.  Always a smile, but it wasn’t real;  my way of coping was never showing the world how I really felt.  My emotions were a mess, restless nights, exhausted days and flat out miserable! The feelings I had were all stored-up and I just wanted to disappear.  Being happy didn’t exist.  My friend showed me the way! In my first 8 days I dropped 11 lbs and 8.5 inches my mood improved on the first day and my quality of rest was like a newborn baby in a “milk coma”! Within 4 months I dropped 47 pounds 54 inches!  I am feeling better at 53 than I ever did in my late 30s and 40s!  I love sharing with everyone!  My only regret, watching for 2 months while I could have been feeling like I do today, 3 years later!

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January 2019 – Going All-In for a Healthier Life – One day I finally DECIDED I was worth it!  

Enough days of feeling like an “alien” in my own skin; it was time to make the choice to take the chance to see a change .  

My friend had been sharing her journey on Facebook and I had been intrigued for several months. She invited me to a private testimony page, I accepted. That was in January 2017.

I’d just had a complete physical and was diagnosed as Morbidly Obese, my blood pressure was dangerously high and my anxiety was … well … lets just say I was a complete mess!

I had become an ‘emotional eater’ and basically gave up worrying about my personal health. We were fighting for my husband’s life as he had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon & Lung cancer 3 years prior. Being life partners since 1992, I could not imagine life without him. We lived on a hospital campus for a month while he underwent radiation and chemotherapy. Within one year, 6 major surgeries.

By the grace of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, he is ALIVE & THRIVING!  PRAISE GOD!

I let him know of my friend’s wellness system. He listened with me as she explained the products and the business opportunity. WE jumped on-board and have NEVER ONCE regretted that choice! I enrolled with the BEST system and chose to be all in on the business side too.  I mean, seriously, WHY not make your money back and get your favorite supplements for FREE each month!  

So here ya go!  I’m now 60 lbs and down from a 3XL in tops to a Large.  Pants were a size 22/24 and currently a 14. My blood pressure is under control and my anxiety is too!

My story may or may not be similar to yours.  But WOW, I feel like I’m 35 and just so EXCITED about our future!  I’m nowhere near my “AFTER” but far from my “BEFORE”!  Blessed by God and this team!

With Love,
Rhea Rennecke