God, Goals, Grit. My Health Journey

I had just had my yearly physical and weighed in at my heaviest. I was tired, uncomfortable, and not happy with myself. I prayed for change. It was time for a lifestyle change!

Fast forward a month, I began to see a few things about Team Grit and this system on Facebook, but I had my doubts. I have my BSN and I’m an OR manager for a surgery center in Texas and I wanted to know how this would work with my busy schedule. I didn’t want a quick fix, but I wanted to be healthier. I tried so many other things that all resulted in failure. I reached out to Ursula and discussed the overall program after seeing several posts on Facebook.

This program focused on several important aspects for me: Food/Hydration, Portion Control, Exercise, and Wellness/Motivation.

It basically allows you to cook your own food and utilize organic supplements while your body begins its transformation from the inside out.

My prayers were answered. I did more research on the supplements and I loved everything I read about them. My questions were answered.

Your stomach gets smaller, you have more energy, and can focus on overall wellness. Heart health is important to me and I wanted to do things right this time! As I began to lose weight, gain energy, and sleep better, I knew I was on the right path. Plus, I’m able to see all of these other success stories with Team Grit play out while I’m on this journey.  Not only is your coach there to support you, but you have thousands of others doing this right beside you, too!  YAY for Team Grit!

Fast forward two months into my journey: Ursula had been reaching out to me and she wanted me to consider sharing my before/becoming pics thus far and my story, because it was a bit different. I told her I needed to pray about it as I was super busy with work and wanted to be able to put forth 100% in something if I was going to do it. AND I was nervous, because who wants to share their heavy pictures with everyone on Facebook? No one!

She asked if I would do a Facebook live session with her, even if I wasn’t ready to join the business. We did our first live conversation together and had so many interested in my story!  It was amazing. People could relate to me because I am a busy, successful, working, woman with a full-time job, and sometimes very long hours…and this system and Team Grit still worked for me!  Not only were people contacting me after this live video, but I was also helping Ursula with on menus for Team Grit and doing more live Q&A’s with Ursula and her team.

God continued to open doors for me. I wanted to not only continue my weight loss and wellness plan, but I wanted to join the business side to help others as well. It’s been fantastic and life-changing, to say the least. I am a coach and mentor to others, but also living my best life.

Present day, January 2019….. I’ve lost a total of 78.5 pounds and over 48 inches.  I started the program in May of 2018 & started helping others in August 2018. My goals are set high! My lifestyle transformation continues, and I want to challenge you:  “BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!!”

Team Grit can help you too!!!  I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

XO – Ashley Evans