Giving Back & Getting Paid Daily

My name is Joanna Self. I’m a mom of 4 kids and I’ve been married for 23 years. I had all my babies in my 20’s and never finished college. One thing we knew was that I wanted to be home with our children. 

My husband was a fireman at the time and I was a stay at home mom, doing whatever I could to help make ends meet. This included cleaning houses, which wasn’t easy taking my kids with me. It was hard and over time, we found ourselves in debt. I was introduced to this program by a dear friend. 

I lost 23 pounds in two and a half months and got my health back! I saw improvements with my energy, allergies, stomach problems, and immune system! I was 40 and felt like I was 20 again! The health side was a blessing for sure, but I can’t tell you how much this business opportunity has blessed our family! I chose to be a part of this business because I wanted to help other people feel as good as I did, and I wanted to help my family financially while still being able to be home with them. 

I wanted to help moms, just like me, be able to be home with their families too and make a great income while doing it. In two years time with this company, I am thrilled to say we are debt free! We have also been able to finish working on our home that we’ve built ourselves in the last 10 years.  We have been able to help our kids more as they go off to college, and help all four of them pursue their goals and dreams. 

Most important, we’ve been able to have “extra” to give when the Lord tells us to give.  There is no greater blessing in life than this!!! I also have an amazing team of business builders and I get to see their lives being changed as well. 

I get paid daily, get monthly bonus checks that are amazing, and my husband and I have won four free trips, all expenses paid! It has enabled us to travel and experience new things together for free, something we were never able to do before. I am forever thankful that I said yes! It has changed our lives and I pray to continue to help change other people’s lives and be a blessing to others!

-Joanna Self

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