Get Your MoJo Back

I’m Christi Smith, just a small town country girl from Louisiana.  I am a mom of 3 and have struggled with my weight my entire adult life.  After my 3rd child, my weight steadily increased. With the weight came a few “bonus features” like being tired all the time, short of breath, constant sadness, poor body image. The poor body image was the worst! It caused a complete personality change in me. I became a negative nelly with constant complaints and nagging. The worst part of it was how it affected my marriage.  

I was 5’3” and 205#!  I never wanted to have any relations with my husband because I was just so ashamed and embarrassed.  I always had excuses why intimacy should be put off.  I was either just too tired or too ashamed.  Years of this behavior took a toll my marriage. Thank God my husband never gave up on me! He supported me on every crazy diet I tried and constantly reassured me.  He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

One day while scrolling Facebook, I found this amazing system! I decided I would try it.  In the first week, I lost 7 pounds and 12 inches! I went on to lose 50 pounds in about 4.5 months.  I got me back! I found my MOJO again.  This absolutely changed everything! Well this too had some “bonus features” like happiness, being able to breathe again, and a healthy self-image! Let’s just say, after 23 years we feel like newlyweds again! This system gave me the tools to stop sabotaging my marriage and my life.   

This journey has been amazing. One of the best things is that I have been able to share my experience to empower other women.  It warms my heart to see other women blossom. I simply want everyone to feel as whole, healthy and skinny as I do.

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